Following the referral of the Islamic Republic’s (IR) atomic case to the UN Security Council, the impact that the council’s decisions and possible penalties will have on the lives of the people in Iran, the political atmosphere is faced with numerous doubts.


Meanwhile, the IR is fanning the fire of patriotism deceitfully proclaiming nuclear energy as the champion of protecting “national interests”. On the other hand, pointing to the existing “lack of transparencies” in the IR’s atomic program, the powerful members of the UN Security Council claim that the objective of Iran’s ruling regime is not in the peaceful use of nuclear energy but in gaining access to deadly atomic weapons. What is beneath the surface of all these quarrels, however, is something else. The fact of the matter is that neither the imperialist powers have been unaware of the IR’s atomic programs (which basically could never reach this stage without their technology and aid) nor is the IR concerned with Iran’s “national interests” or the Iranian people’s rights. Therefore, both sides are undoubtedly lying. The truth is that the imperialist powers are using the IR’s “atomic program” as a pretext in order to plunder more of Iran’s natural resources and exploit Iranian workers thereby resolving their inter-contradictions and rivalries in this matter. The IR, on the other hand, is trying to pave the way for gaining “security guarantees” using the alleged atomic program as a bargaining tool. What is of no concern here is neither the Iranian people’s rights nor their “national interests”.


Of course, the IR’s deafening propaganda over the case as usual found some listeners here and there. After all, there are always those who are ready to be fooled by the IR’s gobbledygook and to rationalize and consent to its policies. It is of no surprise to hear that having access to atomic technology would give the IR the means to stand up against and resist “imperialist greed”, or it might reduce the possibility of a US attack on Iran. Of course, those who come up with these justifications close their eyes to the fact that Pakistan, a neighboring country of Iran, gained access to atomic weapons but this by no means changed its imperialist-dependent and lackey character nor did anyone see any resistance in Pakistan’s government against  US “greed”.


In fact, if we are to learn from actual experience, the 27 year experience of the rule of the IR has clearly shown that it would be naive to base our understanding of the regime’s real stance on its claims. For duplicity and contradiction between domestic propaganda (in order to deceive the Iranian people) and foreign collusion (in order to save the regime) has been one of the common characteristics of the IR. And the experience has proven that wherever this regime makes more of a ruckus, precisely then and there, it is secretly undertaking an utterly different policy. In this regard, for example, one cannot forget the scandals of “Iran Gate” and “The Iran Contra Affair”!


While the IR’s ringleaders speak of Iran’s indisputable and nonnegotiable right to nuclear technology, and  that they are not willing to make the slightest compromise in this regard, and while Ahmadinejad even states that he is ready to pay any price to save this golden “cake”, news agencies quoting the Head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohammad El Baradei, reported that “Iran has accepted the proposal within an agreement with western countries to give up the enrichment of uranium inside Iran for a few years”. The meaning of this is quite clear. It shows that despite its propaganda foghorns, the regime is secretly making a deal concerning the nuclear program so that they can attain the security of their suppressive and ani-people regime…. As mentioned before, both sides are lying and the real issue is the rivalry and conflict of interest amongst the imperialists concerning a bigger piece of the pie, a bigger share of the plunder. And the IR is simply concerned with staying in power so that it can continue its parasitic existence. And in doing so, it is ready to commit every possible treachery.


When facing the imperialist powers their hands, though unseen, are up in surrender. Especially in light of Afghanistan and Iraq which proved to them that wherever the interests of the imperialists necessitate and whenever the expiry date of their lackeys are due, the masters do not give pause to sacrificing their servants. Keeping in mind the true intentions of the imperialist powers in regards to the IR’s “atomic program”, the regime’s destiny might very well be determined by factors that are beyond its control. In that case, even raising its hands up would not necessarily save its life for in these times the US does not pity those who surrender!